How to Prune a Palm Tree

Where to Start

When learning how to prune a palm tree use a sharp pair of bypass hand pruners, or sharp pair of loppers for small fronds. For larger fronds a sharp, clean cutting saw will be necessary. When using a ladder, make sure to take all safety precautions. Falling larger fronds have knocked folks off the ladder during the removal process!
Remove dead or diseased wood by pruning back to a point of healthy, disease-free growth, or remove the entire frond.

Do’s and Dont’s

Good palm tree care can means avoid removing most of the leaves (fronds) yearly or more frequently because it may weaken the palm and slows its growth.
Mature fronds provide food for developing fronds, flowers, fruit, roots and storage reserves in the palm’s trunk. When healthy green fronds are pruned, the nutrients they would have produced are lost to the rest of the tree. Some nutrients move from older leaves of palms to newer leaves as they die.

Removal of older green or chlorotic leaves exacerbates nutrient deficiency. Nutrient deficiencies retards growth. So, when pruning a palm, take care to leave at least two or more rows of mature fronds; those that have turned greenish-yellow or muted green, but have yet to turn brown. Do not prune off more of the palm’s leaves in one year than are produced during that time. Simply put, do not remove a palm tree frond until it has completely died (turned totally to brown).

Which Palm Tree is Best

landscape-palmsIf you are new to palm trees and not sure which trees are best for you. Take a few minutes and browse through this guide of different palm trees.

Keep in mind that tree trimming can be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions, therefore call the professionals at Lawn Care Flowermound for a quote or click here: prune and trim your trees.


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