5 Common Mistakes When Landscaping Your Home

These are mistakes to avoid.

Many homeowners make the mistake of over-watering. Most lawns just need about an inch of a water per week.
The best time of day to water the lawn (and usually any plant) is early morning so it has all day to dry.
Sprinklers with automatic timers reduce water waste.

You don’t have a plan.
Plan-drawingDecide on a specific theme or look and then draw it out on paper. Figure out where you want to put
your plants and shrubs in relation to the shape and style of your house. Don’t forget to factor in
your budget when you are in the nursery.

Pruning too much or too little.
Pruning can be just as much of an art form as it is a technique, but when pruning is improperly
done, you can do more harm than good. Every plant has a different pruning process.
See this pruning guide.

There are two ways that fertilizing can be a mistake.
lawn fertilizingThe first one is not doing it at all. The other is fertilizing too much or fertilizing improperly.
It’s a good idea to do it at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. You should never
do so in the bright sun, and watering always needs to follow. It’s also a good idea to mix in fertilizer
when planting new plants. Make sure that, when you dig the hole, you mix in new soil and fertilizer so
the plant, over the period of a year, is going to have a nice time release of fertilizer.

It’s a common myth that cutting the grass shorter means you have to mow it less.
That’s actually not the case, and it can more harmful than helpful. If you scalp the lawn, it could
result in bare patches, which could make it inviting for insects and/or susceptible to disease.
The key is to cut the lawn different lengths throughout the year. During the summer, the lawn
needs a little more shade, so let the blades grow just a little more. That way the water doesn’t
evaporate so fast. Cut shorter in the winter so that the sunlight can actually get into the soil.

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