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We offer a full line of services to meet all of your lawn care needs.

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Flower Bed Landscaping

You can look forward to ongoing flower bed landscaping and mulching services throughout the year as your flower beds transition from one season to the next.

Premium Sod Installation

Eliminate problems of weed and infestation with our high quality sod. We offer the widest variety types of grass, including the best warm season grasses for Flower Mound; Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia.

Lawn Fertilizing

A well-nourished lawn has a healthy green color and will truly stand out in a neighborhood. Lawn fertilization promotes optimum health and growth by giving essential nutrients to the grass and soil.

Shrub Trimming

No one likes to look at overgrown shrubbery. Keep your shrubs and bushes looking perfect all year with our weekly maintenance.

Lawn Aerating

Aerating your lawn loosens the soil and helps the grass grow more healthy and strong.

Landscaping Services

From rocks to waterfalls we can make your yard really something special and a place to enjoy.


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5 Common Grass Weeds in Texas

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